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Character Descriptions


BUCKET (Taylor Gray)

14-year old Bucket doesn't have the classic surfer boy looks and isn’t exactly the greatest on a surf board. What he lacks in athleticism, however, he makes up for with his attitude. In surfing, his theory is simple: catch the biggest wave, hide his fear, survive it and then talk about it the loudest. He is a guy who, because he may not fit in with the golden tan surfer boy crowd, always feels the need to prove himself and tends to exaggerate his accomplishments. Bucket's not the sharpest, but thinks he is and Skinner is constantly in awe of his "wisdom." Bucket's most glaring vulnerability is when it comes to girls, particularly spitting out a complete sentence in front of his crush, Kelly.


SKINNER (Dillon Lane)

Skinner is an incredibly gifted surfer without even trying--something that frustrates Bucket. In life, however, he is nothing like he is on the waves. A very sweet, shy 14-year old who feels uncomfortable in social settings, Skinner would rather shape boards at the surf shop than be at a school dance. Without trying Skinner seems to attract girls, which further frustrates Bucket. With a love for animal crackers and a loathe for clothes with buttons, Tuesdays and Thursdays are Skinner’s shower days…when the automatic sprinklers come on.


KELLY (Ashley Argota)

An all-American, beautiful, popular, down-to-earth surfer girl, Kelly is the girl you want to take to the prom, but can also hang with after surfing a few sets. Very friendly and sweet by nature, she is a good girl and strives for success in everything she pursues, but can become frazzled when met with an obstacle. Even under times of stress when she may become nervous, it never manifests itself in a strident way. She always maintains that sweetness that makes her the kid everyone wants to hang out with or date.


PIPER (Tiffany Espensen)

Kelly's younger sister, Piper is an 11-year old serious-minded go-getter who is constantly bewildered by the surf culture and Bucket and Skinner's priorities (yet harbors a not-so-secret crush on Skinner). Whether it's a contest to sell more cookies for charity, or running for Treasurer in one of her eighteen extracurricular clubs, Piper will do anything to win. To some, winning a ribbon for a little contest is silly, but to Piper it's a precious award that can go on her college applications in seven years. Harvard is her destiny and she vows nothing will stand in her way.


ALOE (Glenn McCuen)

John "Aloe" Aloysius is a “golden boy" surfer who rejoices in arrogance as a lifeguard. With mirrored sunglasses and zinc on his nose, Aloe rules the beach and never allows Bucket and Skinner on his turf when he can help it. Jealous of Skinner's talent, Aloe has the ability to be two-faced and can really pour on the charm when he's making the moves on Kelly. Bucket would like nothing more than to wipe the smirk off Aloe's face, but Aloe travels in a pack and despite actually being a coward, has back up with him at all times.


THREE PIECES (George Back)

Bucket’s fun-loving, overweight-yet-athletic uncle, Three Pieces is a former champion-caliber surfer who still believes he is an epic shredder of waves. Goofy and lovable, the kids definitely look up to him and he fancies himself a modern day Confucius with his advice not always as wise. Even though he is of the surfer mentality, he is still a responsible adult and is always there for the kids.




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